Handmade Resin Rectangular Blue Bangle


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Float into space on a sea of ocean blues and deep navy tones, surrounded by the glistening stars with this divine bangle. Brand new from our Universe collection, the resin motif is sat on a bed of alpaca silver and measures nearly 5cm in width making this a statement piece for your collection. The bangle features a modern design that draws you in and will bring peace and relaxation into your life.

Please note: This is a handmade item. All the measurements are approximate. The coloured resin is hand-poured in the process called gravity casting, which means the colour mixing and the pattern are unique to every piece as the resin sets in a random way. The colours may vary from shown in the picture due to the manufacturing process, but also individual monitor setup.

Material: Alpaca silver-based metal and Resin.

The decoration measures approx. 4.6cm (length) by 3.6cm (width). The bangle is 1.4-2cm wide.

The bangle can adjust to any wrist due to its open-end design and the flexibility of the metal by gently pushing or pulling the sides to fit. Since the metal is quite springy it may take few squeezes to adjust.

Matching earrings and pendant available.