Handmade Resin Pins


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1 Bluette
2 Fuchsia
3 Green

Beautifully formed using natural and abstract shapes our line of pins has been super successful due to its uniqueness and funky style. Each single one of those pins as well as brooches are one of a kind so none is repeating in its colours. Featuring bright starry sky and hopeful green fields each pin has been hand-filled with high quality resin for a superbly exquisite look. 

Very useful to hold scarves together or open cardigans their beauty is also reinforce by its use which is not just as a simple accessories!

Choose one of the colour you see in the picture from the drop down menu and get your unique piece delivered to you in no time. 

Please note: This is a handmade item. All the measurements are approximate. The coloured resin is hand-poured in the process called gravity casting, which means the colour mixing and the pattern are unique to every piece as the resin sets in a random way. The colours may vary from shown in the picture due to the manufacturing process, but also individual monitor setup.

Most of the pieces are around 3 cm wide.