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Universe Handmade Resin Jewellery

Magpie’s Loot brand new and exclusive Universe Collection is most definitely out of this world! Taking inspiration from the natural forms that surround our daily life, we have lovingly created this collection to include Bangles, Pendants and Earrings, using the highest quality resin, designing and crafting each piece by hand resulting in exceptional creations full of spirit and soul. Modern. Contemporary. Intergalactic.

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Universe Pendants

A stunning mirage of colour tones and shades, each influenced by the universe and the natural elements of the earth, creating unique, one off pieces to suit all styles and tastes. These Pendants are perfect for all lengths of necklaces, bringing chic style and sophistication to your everyday occasions.

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Universe Earrings

Exclusively created for our Universe range, the drop earrings are all inspired by natural forms creating abstract pieces, designed for everyday use. Delicately hanging from the ear, the earrings are sensational droplets of colour, available in a range of shades, each unique in colouration and pattern.

Magpie's Loot Handmade Resin Bangles from Universe Jewellery Collection Banner

Universe Bangles

Our Bangles are all fully adjustable, combining shimmering silver metal bases with an eclectic mix of vibrant and galactic colours to create the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. Unique and inspired by nature, these Bangle bracelets are the ultimate addition to your collection, adorning your arms with contemporary pieces.