Gold Vermeil

by Francesca Castaldo July 13, 2020

Gold Vermeil

What is the difference between Gold Plated and Gold Vermeil?

At Magpies Loot, all our jewellery is carefully designed and handcrafted. We want every piece to be full of character and to help our customers evoke their unique style. We also make sure we use the best materials so that your Magpies Loot jewellery lasts.

For the gold pieces in our collection, we use Gold Vermeil with 18k gold. But lots of our customers are in doubts about the meaning of it and its quality. 

What is Gold Vermeil?

And how is it different from standard Gold Plating?

So, today, we’re looking a little more closely into our process so that you can see the differences between the two. And understand why gold vermeil is our material of choice.

 Gold vermeil refers to the process of thickly layering genuine gold (in a variety of karats starting from 14k) over solid .925 sterling silver. Our choice of gold is 18k.

What is the difference between Gold Vermeil and Gold Plating?

Although the process is very similar and both are used for very much the same kind of jewellery, there is a difference between gold vermeil and gold plating. While gold vermeil refers to gold layered over sterling silver, gold plating does not.

Gold plating can refer to layering gold over any type of metal of any quality. This may mean gold layered over brass, steel or copper, rather than solid sterling silver. The gold plating process here is also usually done very quickly – with only a very fine layer of gold to cover the silver colour metal below.

Benefits of using Gold Vermeil

There are several reasons why we decided to use gold vermeil to create our collections. Here are some of the key benefits.

High Quality

We want to create jewellery in the best possible quality. Using gold vermeil allows us to do just that. Without using lower grade metals, we can design the pieces we know you’ll love with a mixture of sterling silver and 18k gold which suits our designers - and you too.

Affordable Prices

The best of both worlds, gold vermeil is high quality, as previously mentioned, but it allows us to create pieces at affordable prices too. This makes it easier for astute shoppers to get that stunning designer high-end look for prices that suit.

Metal Allergy Safe

Because we use both sterling silver and high-quality 18k gold, our customers with metal allergies are happy. The thick layers of genuine gold against the skin stops any kind of reaction, making our jewellery suitable for just about everyone.

Long-lasting Jewellery

Because of the gold vermeil process we choose to use for our jewellery, we know your picks will last season after season. Thinly plated gold pieces often chip, fade or tarnish. The layering of the gold over the silver with gold vermeil is much thicker. This means you won’t see this reaction and you can keep wearing your pieces for so much longer.

Some of our favourite Gold Vermeil Jewellery pieces from the Collection

We’re obsessed with our gold vermeil jewellery pieces. Here are just some of our favourites.

Francesca Castaldo
Francesca Castaldo


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