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by Martin Reznik July 04, 2017

bee sitting on golden honeycomb

Hello and welcome to the brand new Magpie's Loot webshop and blog!

It took us much longer than we initially thought it would to get the website up and running, many battles have been fought and few bottles of wine consumed, but at the end it was well worth the time we spent building it. The bottom line, it is open now and it looks great, wouldn’t you agree?

We are kicking off with our very first and ever-popular, beautifully geometrical Honeycomb Collection in its entire 70-piece glory. From our bold signature bumblebee pendants and layering necklaces and bracelets to trendy hexagon stacking rings and stunning dangle or stud earrings with tiny bee charms, this versatile collection offers a multitude of ways to create your new, fashionable, yet distinctive look, whatever the occasion.

Oh!.. and did I mention our rare-cut gemstones? Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves, because you going to love this! The most characteristic feature of the Honeycomb Collection is the unusual shape of the gems that embellish our jewellery designs. Our signature hexagonal cut is very rare among classic gemstone cuts. For this reason all the stones have to be custom cut, giving each and every piece in the collection a unique appearance.

But enough about the collection and let us focus on the website itself, what is going to happen here in the near future and what can you expect from this blog and newsletter, if you would subscribe to it.

Probably by now you are thinking: Right! The website looks awesome, but are these guys serious? Are they going to use the momentum, crush the competition and become the greatest jewellery online shop of all times? Or maybe they’ll spend the rest of the year lying belly up on some remote beach? Well.. we ask ourselves the very same questions. What we can reveal for now is that our next collection, the beautiful gold and silver Butterflies, is almost ready to be published online, and we’ve got another two collections currently being prepared by our team of photographers. So yeah.. I guess the answer is we are going to smash it!

What to expect from the blog and the newsletter? If you wondering how to fashionably layer and stack your new Honeycomb jewellery (or any other jewellery for that matter) than watch this space, as this is what we are going to write about and show you next. Beyond that, you’ll always find here the latest and greatest news on everything Magpie’s Loot – from our stylish products updates, latest designs and studio news to whatever happens around and inspires our work. We also promise to keep our newsletter short and sweet, packed with hot offers and exclusive discounts, but most importantly not too frequent, as we are very aware how annoying it can get. So hit that Subscribe button now and if you won’t like it, that’s okay, you can always unsubscribe later. However, we doubt very much you will;)

It is also worth mentioning that our host and checkout operator is Shopify, one of the biggest and most secure e-commerce solutions. The website is digitally certified, so any information you exchange with us, including your credit card details, is protected by encryption. So should you hit the Buy button in our webshop anytime soon, you can rest assured that the transaction is safe and sound.

And finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you girls and boys, who were so desperate to get your hands on our jewels, that you managed to break through our everlasting “website coming soon” smokescreen page and hit us directly on the social media demanding the Loot. Thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated. We love you, guys!

Until next time, friends!

Martin Reznik
Martin Reznik


Illustrator and Printmaker. Designer and webmaster at Magpie's Loot. Founder of 10tacled Clothing.

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