5 Tips for Stacking and Layering Your Jewellery

by Francesca Castaldo June 18, 2020

5 Tips for Stacking and Layering Your Jewellery

Looking for a contemporary and on-trend way to make your simple jewellery become statement? Stacking rings and bracelets and layering necklaces is the hottest look in jewellery right now. Whether you wear gold, silver or a mix of all metals, layering up and creating a bespoke look is huge.
But what’s the best way to start stacking your pieces and layering necklaces? Here are our top 5 tips for getting the look just right.
Layer Your Necklaces Well
How do you layer your necklaces without them getting tangled? This is a question that pops up fairly often in the jewellery world.
Firstly, always mix the lengths of your necklaces. If possible, allow for approx. two inches between the curve of your necklaces (or the pendants) to allow them enough space to not get tangled. This spreads out each piece nicely.
Secondly, mix up the weights of your necklaces. By this we mean, choose a simple chain necklace and pair with a heavier pendant style. Or, choose a small pendant style, like our Tiny Hexagon charm necklace and pair with a larger pendant, like our Black Onyx Hexagon pendant.
Stack Rings Across Multiple Fingers
Stacking rings can be done in two different ways. Both super chic but both for a very different effect.
Wear your stacking rings all on one finger for a statement look. Alternatively, spread them across multiple fingers. This creates a very wearable and everyday version of the look. This type of ring stacking still lets you add multiple rings to each finger but you can also add coordinating rings to other fingers on the same hand. 
Try stacking a simple Honeycomb ring on the same finger as a statement quartz Hexagon ring. Then, style with a simple Tiny Hexagon ring on the finger next door. Perfection!
Make It Personal
A great way to create a truly bespoke stacked bracelet or necklace combination is to use a little personalisation. This is easy with our on-trend initials Typewriter collection.
Choose simple and minimal pieces, such as our stunning Hexagon bracelet and stack it with a personalised Typewriter Letter bracelet to complete the layered look.
This is also the perfect way to gift a stackable bracelet set to a friend or loved one!
Mix Metals
A modern way to stack rings and layer necklaces is to mix up your metals.
Whether that’s a combination of gold and silver jewellery or the addition of rose gold or even black pieces, a mixed metal stacked or layered look is the ultimate on-trend style.
Don’t Save Them for Best
Our last tip for stacking rings and bracelets and layering necklaces? Don’t save them for best!
Yes, your layered looks style perfectly with a date night outfit. But they also dress up a simple and comfortable loungewear look instantly. Give your cosy knitwear or sweatshirts and joggers a stylish upgrade with chic layered necklaces and your favourite stack of rings.
Jewellery is such a personal part of our style. The same pieces can look entirely different on someone else and when styled with other pieces. Stacking rings and layering necklaces is the perfect way to wear your jewels to suit your unique style.
At Magpies Loot, we love this look. So, our collections are packed with stackable rings and perfect necklaces to layer so that you can mix and match to create your own look.
Shop our Honeycomb collectionfor the perfect choice of affordable and super-chic stacking rings, simple and stylish stacking braceletsand beautiful layering necklaces.

Francesca Castaldo
Francesca Castaldo


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