The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live our lives around the world. We need to try to stay positive and carry on in the best way we can. With our point of sales closed until further notice we wanted to insure you we are doing our best to keep our jewellery travelling and make our customers happy.

We  are a small family business so you can be sure we are not causing harm to anybody as we are managing the orders inside family and we are following all the measures imposed. In this hard times it is your choice to choose and support independent business which deliver high quality products in all their unicity!


Stack 'Em Up! Honeycomb Stacking Rings

Crafted from luminous Sterling Silver, with some featuring exquisite 18-carat Yellow Gold Vermeil, these perfectly interlocking geometric bands, when stacked together, form a pattern of honeycomb. With three designs in two colour options our trendy stacking rings offer numerous ways to create a personal look that will lend a finishing touch to any outfit. Wear one, two or three bands at a time and mix gold and silver for a striking colour contrast.

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